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Your Worst Ink Spill Or Mess Up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JSBiggz, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. kas2_srbcrew

    kas2_srbcrew Member

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    Once I waz on my bus, and I had an otr paint marker on me, I wanted 2 open it 2 see if it had a lot of paint left, I opened it cuz da bus waznt movin, but then the bus started movin and it still waz open, datz wen the bus hit a pot hole, and da paint got all over my shirt and pantz, I waz tight but luckily I waz goin home already
  2. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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  3. Nicht hellig

    Nicht hellig Banned

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    went to sleep with a mop in my pocket .. woke up with corio all over my leg pants and bed shit was a fuckin mess .. jus now tried to refill a marker and spilled it all over cuz of my hands shaking ... dumped some ink a sink and it stained the entire thing violet

    painted a piece on a sheet as big as my wall and the piece seeped unto the wall ... went to some place n nabbed a look alike wall and nailed it up when parents were at church they never knew for years and jus recently told my moms

    so many fuck ups ... tmrw my hands will be stained purple while building shit at work lmao!!!
  4. InfamouSN

    InfamouSN Member

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    I was in a tight spot with my friend and we were both doing throws, and his elbow hit my arm, and I was still painting and i made a huge line and scribbled and shit through my throw.. and I was just finishing up too haha
  5. Derogatory9o5

    Derogatory9o5 Senior Member

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    I made this ink with like a bit of thinned chrome paint and a bunch cut up pens of pens and rubbing alcohol , I put a bit in an old mop and it was dope so I let it sit overnight just to settle or ... w/e So I'm putting it in the mop the next morning and my dog jumps at me and knocks the ink/paint/w.e alll over my desk... about 2 hours of scrubbing and it was almost gone , but cause of the break fluid left little ghosts here and there , Lesson for the day , don't use your nice desk , cardboard works much better. =]
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2008
  6. FunLife

    FunLife Senior Member

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    2oz mop + exploding + sink = really dirty sink and upset friends mom lolol

    and agreed with dero that nice desks are not the way to go def cardboard
  7. roa

    roa Senior Member

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    mtn marker, opened and was flowed to much, ink it the lid and it flew all over my wall, floor and desk.

    and i had a couple bad incidents with otrs, they suck.
  8. alienchild123

    alienchild123 Senior Member

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    I dropped a mug full of boiling oil pastels on a 600£ rug when trying to make mean streaks.

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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    i will perform anal rape on ur lil beehiney
  10. B!G D

    B!G D Member

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    I had just got some Sharpie paint marker things and the box said to depress the nib several times until the ink soaked thru. So i expected it to be similar to a otr and i was wrong. I had barely pressed the nib and i had ink all over my hand and got some of it on my pants and sweater. Lucky for me and i was in a car with some friends so i got to let it dry before i could try and take it off.

    Also i had filled a mini OTR with some grog and put it in my pocket and took off for the night. Later at a friends i reached into my pocket only to get my fingers wet apparently the lid wasn't on very tight. Luckily it only stained my pocket and didnt show up on the outside of my pants. And i had a black stain on my leg for a few days.
  11. Darkeist

    Darkeist Elite Member

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    Probably when i was carrying around a bingo dabber all day and it slowly leaked and it didnt go through my boxers or pocket or anythin, but i guess it somehow rubbed off on my leg magically. and i had a huge black spot on my leg for a week
  12. regos

    regos Senior Member

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    i spilled ink on my carpet before.

    pretty interesting story.
  13. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    hahaha word ^^^
  14. x{parkour}x

    x{parkour}x Senior Member

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    spilled ink on my jeans...
  15. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    i made a little mop out o one of those sour spray candy things and filled it up with do em dirty outs and it exploded halfway through the drippiest most beautiful handstyle of my life.
  16. spar2

    spar2 Guest

    holy fuck i had a horrible spill like 2 months ago. A whole bottle of fuckin grog and a hard to buff marker filled with graog were sittin on my desk open, my cat jumps up, knocks em over. FLOOR AND DESK RUINED!!!!!!!!!I used this stuff called circa soft strip, it took most of the ink off, but also the varnish and I have the most expensive furniture in the house, so my parents r so fuckin pissed. And another time I was openin my blue pilot, but i put too much ink in it and it squirted all over da floor!!!!!!I got that off tho.
  17. Blam!

    Blam! Senior Member

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    oh well two times, i was just taging as a i was going toa party and my friend(hes a big toy) asked me if he could do a few tags i said sure, i give him a brand new DEd blue mop, he starting yelling why wont it come out!!!1 he squeezes the mop as hard as he can....POPPPP!!!! the ink goes fucking every where, my white shoes are now fucking blue. and the other time i was fillin up my NYC mop, first mop i ever got and my then white sink is not black.....
  18. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    candy seeped out of a marker I had in my pocket durring a road trip and is one of the major reasons I shave my balls to this clown pubes for me....
  19. j-f

    j-f Senior Member

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    i was fillin in some white but the cap was all clogged so i put in a new cap and it was too sharp or something and the whole cans paint emptied out all over my hand and the floor. My entire hand was white! plus the compressed air or wutevs in the can made it sooo cold. It was a sloppy night to say the least.

    the other mess that happened i had this new black paint super high pressure can and i was out doing wutevs and i didnt realize my can had a nice residue of black all over it so i kept putting it in and out of my hoody pocket and then in my backpack and there was paint every where once again

    good times
  20. pixy

    pixy Member

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    lol omfg.
    was writin on a wall with lime green spraycans...
    and i'm wearing this little summer cutesy dress-shirt blouse n shit
    and i guess i was like leaning on the wall tryin to reach higher cause i had no chair
    but i pulled away
    and my blouse had a big ass green stain.
    T_T its not coming outtttt