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Your Worst Ink Spill Or Mess Up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JSBiggz, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. ッℤëкℯ

    ッℤëкℯ Member

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    When I first started tagging I went to go tag this stop sign on this busy street so I tried to do it pretty fast and the tip of the homemade mop came out and got ink all over my shoes and the bottom of my pant legs.
  2. Fuhs

    Fuhs New Member

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    The back pocket is definately a bad place to keep your mop when you forget and sit down shit gets ugly. I need to stop that.
  3. Eurothrash

    Eurothrash Senior Member

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    Once screwed up with a mop full of red ink. It cloged and I started squeezing. The end result: blood red stain on the ground and me one of my homies splataterd with red ink. Looked like a crime scene.
  4. blameitonthewhiteboy95

    blameitonthewhiteboy95 New Member

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    refillin a shoe polish mop with some otr .484 flowpen, squeeze the ink to go into the mop, and it goes eeeverywhere, definitely need to invest in a funnel before usin that shit.
  5. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    I pushed too hard on the pen when I began drawing and like half the ink dumped down the wall and I was just like.... uh now what
  6. dmgraff

    dmgraff Senior Member

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    yesterday i was making a mop, after i filled it up i put the nib in (felt eraser) and i was trying to juice up the nib and i squeezed to hard and it exploded the nib poped out and paint flew across my room stained about 2 square feet of my carpet and a little on my wall. good thing my mom knows i write or else i would have a hard time explaining that.
  7. Cider

    Cider Senior Member

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    I'm walking along with a sharpie magnum I had just got form the store, when I decide to test it out and tag this dumpster about ten feet off from the road and a block away from my house. As soon as I finish and look up this off duty cop pulls up right next to me and goes "hey asshole give me the marker and fuck off" I didnt no it was a cop so im like "how bout you go fuck yourself" the cop pulls up his shirt to reveal a gun and badge. I'm cornered so I cant run and he take my marker and drives off...:mad:
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  8. DRIG

    DRIG Member

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    damn. pull shit like that where I live and your fucked. you got off lucky.
  9. aaesoo

    aaesoo Senior Member

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    was gettin ready to do a tag with a fluoro green soultip. Unscrewed the lid and didn't book that the nib had gotten stuck in it. Ended up with a whole soultips worth of green ink on my tshirt, pants, and shoes. Fuck on the run haha
  10. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    i onced spilled a bottle of grog all over my brand new couch, i flipped the cushion over and i dont think anyone knows
  11. SSK EVO

    SSK EVO Member

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    I was tagging sidewalks with some acrylic paint and it clogged up. So I kept squeezing it, trying to unclog it then paint just came flying out and got all over my shoes.
  12. omiz

    omiz Senior Member

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    tagging sidewalks?
    i was shaking up a mop, and the nib had fallen out. i didn't here it and i did one more quick shake.
    damn near full bottle of ink all over the ground and my clothes.
  13. toopski

    toopski Guest

    not me but a mate while mixing paint had the valve get stuck and had to run thru his house with a yellow can going off covering some walls and leaving a trail behind him
  14. tacomeat

    tacomeat New Member

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    Me and my friend went to a skate spot, I was spray painting and he was burning shit. This was totally dumb on our part; it was dark out and I wanted to paint a pentagram on the ground, but I couldn't see. So, I was like "hey, start a fire here so I can see this a little better", he starts the fire and I continue spraying. I'm painting along, I start spraying closer to the fire without even thinking and suddenly the pentagram goes up in flames. It totally scared the shit out of me, but it looked awesome. The pentagram is burning and we're both laughing our asses off lol. Good times...
  15. "ONE!"

    "ONE!" Banned

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    ^^ lol funny shyt bro.... i was out mopping up a train b4 i went to downtown chicago n i slipped in my pocket n sat for a good 10 mins n barely got up n relized there was a big ass blue spot on the seat n i put my hand in my pocket n relized i had the mop upside down n it spilled all over my fresh jeans n bag so i left quick as hell so i wouldnt get caught up
  16. miz

    miz Senior Member

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    i knocked over a half bucket of rusto chrome and it ruind my white pumas
  17. kragtastik

    kragtastik Member

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    just filled up a mop and went to hit a bar bathroom. didnt realize the nib came out when i unscrewed the cap and ink went everywhere. funny shit when i had to get my card back from the bar tender.
  18. phillyrep96

    phillyrep96 New Member

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    this actually happened tonight i was writin on a door with a shoe mop and i squeezed a little too hard and.... yeah haha
  19. Steam2014

    Steam2014 Member

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    when i just started out writing i was making ink in my room (pen ink) and i knocked it over and it turned a square yard of floor blue. also once o let thjis marker dry by accident and wen i tried to take the nib off i squeezed the body and then wen i forced the nib off ink shot all over me. needless to say it didnt come off for a weeek and a lot of ppl stared at the blue stains on my face