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Your Worst Ink Spill Or Mess Up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JSBiggz, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. meetermaid

    meetermaid Elite Member

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    oh sorry ahahha he didn't really say anything, he knows i write, but it's a really expensive bed so i don't imagine my dad was too happy but he's never mentioned it
  2. TTO.TC

    TTO.TC Senior Member

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    o lol lucky i guess for you man
  3. graffiti_is_crime

    graffiti_is_crime Banned

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    black shoe polish all over my hand
    thats my worst
  4. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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    can exploded, all over my face, and in my eyes and mouth
  5. .jug.

    .jug. Senior Member

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    i made home made ink throwing every ingredient into a zip loc bag and shaking it up then i headed down my hallway to the bathroom to put my ink in a mop and tripped on the carpet and landed on the bag it busted everywhere and i got grounded for 6 months
  6. simba kitten

    simba kitten Member

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    ok the first time me and my fiends bought a montana can, u no how u have to takeout tht black bit out of it to work. well we didnt no tht and we spen about 3hours trying to figure it out, and i took out the little black thing looked right onto the cap and sprayed it.looking back on it it wasnt verry my mum didnt no tht i bought it and it took me and my fiend 1hr to half scrunbb it off my face, and hide it frm my mum.
  7. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    ive gotten ink all over my carpet from writing on my walls with flowpens. and i always get ink all over the sink when im making it or filling markers, and i have to spend a half hour cleaning it all off
  8. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    I was filling up a zig with Gold Pentouch ink and when I went to grab the pump system, I spilled the marker. It went all over my carpet and left a huge mark. Luckily we were renting the house, and I got it off, mostly.
  9. AVID1

    AVID1 Senior Member

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    once I was experimenting and put a butane tip on my black spraypaint. IT WENT EVERYWHERE!!! lol
    then I used thinner on my screen and it screwed up the plastic, now everything is all fucked up...
  10. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    i was tryin to pop the pump off a zig on my dresser in my closet and SBPSLASHHH
    it went every were dripped all over carpet on my pants on the wall
    my mom saw it like three weeks later and she dont get mad if its like that late to tell her im like my bad
    i ruined like eight towels cleanin it up

    i tagged a poster to it dripped down my wall and on the carpet
    another time in my bathroom i was switchin inks in my zig and i knocked it with my elbow and went all over cubord and sink and floor but it didnt stain
  11. [Neighborhood Watch] SKOR

    [Neighborhood Watch] SKOR Senior Member

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    shit, i had one yesterday. we're moving and i fucked up the carpet with the black krink. i was writing on the boxes and a drip got on the floor. i decided to be a genious and try to wipe it out with my finger AAAAAND made it worse :p
  12. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    I finished doing almsot a full page of sketchs with a couple of decos..and i uhh dropped the fairly undry piece of paper in a hallway at my school. Thre blue ink is still pretty noticable.
  13. teserone

    teserone Member

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    are you guys all retarded? if you do your refilling over a sink always have it running so that you can just splash some water on it but, you're better off spreading a bunch of junk mail on your back porch or something like that
  14. Foam

    Foam Senior Member

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    When i refil markers and make ink i do it in my room i put some silver bucket paint in a bottle and im not sure what thinner i used but it fuked the bottle up and it fuked all my wardrobe up at the bottom
  15. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    i passed out making ghetto krink. so now half my sheet is yellow and the other half has a big black splatter

    my decos always fucking explode and ruin my sketches. like its either the outline or the shiney marks that exploded. fucking gay.

    every marker/mop that i've ever had in my posession has left its mark somehwere on my carpet. but my room looks badass now, yo
  16. tesfortis

    tesfortis Senior Member

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    I haaaaaaaate when my decos explode when I'm in the middle of a sketch.
  17. ©Ø®Ë

    ©Ø®Ë Member

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    okay so im making some homeade ink and I shake it up to mix it. and it built up some pressure and exploded and it went all over my pc, bed, floor. Good thing I was living in the basement! Wrar that was my first time making a marker lol.
  18. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    did you use mineral spirits or alchol
    this happend to me but thankfully i put it in the rusto can
    so the top just poped off and like rubber cement feeling like shit
    was around the brim
  19. ©Ø®Ë

    ©Ø®Ë Member

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    Alcohol... thats really what I had at my reach at the time.
  20. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    yeap use spirits its wayyyy more
    but worth while
    i fucking cummed when i used my gk tonight
    mmmm mmm mmmm finger licken gooood
    yea just spend six bucks on that like quart
    you wont regret