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Your Worst Ink Spill Or Mess Up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JSBiggz, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. ~$dead presidents$~

    ~$dead presidents$~ Elite Member

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  2. wolsley

    wolsley Senior Member

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    Pure acetone on my carpet.. It melted it!
  3. tha boy in da corner

    tha boy in da corner Elite Member

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    am i the only one thinking cumshot?
  4. 0lick

    0lick Banned

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    my dumbass cuzin spills a gallon bucket on my carpet.....

    he didnt kno the lip was open. and he wanted to see what brand it was. so he tipped it over. i literetly dive in to the rescue but end up gettin whtie paint on my hand n carpet.

    it cleaned up pretty well though. only took like 9 towels =]
  5. toxus

    toxus Elite Member

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  6. 0lick

    0lick Banned

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    yeah lol luckily the carpet was light brown though. so all you see it a lil white shade to it =]
  7. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    the other day oh my lord me and my boy were filling kiwi's with green and pink junobo and my friend knocked the green kiwi over and as he went to grab it he knocked the pink kiwi and the pink bottle over and shit went everywhere biggest waste i was actually so pissed:mad:
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2007
  8. glass

    glass Senior Member

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    they should put a warning on the cans to indicate how hard to press new caps onto the can... all im going to say lol
  9. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

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    haha twist them in its easier
  10. glass

    glass Senior Member

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    yeah, thats what i did on the second try lol
  11. 0lick

    0lick Banned

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    ive ruined so many shirts that way
  12. coser1

    coser1 Senior Member

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    hahah i killed my moms sink with krink but i got it off after a while of scrubing
  13. Derogatory9o5

    Derogatory9o5 Senior Member

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    Krink+my desk = 2 hours of cleaning and scrubbing -.-
  14. braxtons a g

    braxtons a g Senior Member

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    i was sitting in my friends car and y ass started feelign wet so i grabbed in my pocket and flowpen opened up in my pocket and the nero dyed my asscheek, his car seat, my boxers, my shirt, and my pants......and i wasted a whole pen full of ink;[ i had just refilled it
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2007
  15. Special_K

    Special_K Senior Member

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    a while back i was filling up a deco with some krink and just when i opened the sobe bottle i stored it in, my dog came in my room and barked hella loud. i jumped and spilled 20oz's of krink all over my desk and if it hadn't been for the carpet protector thing it wouldve killed my carpet too. I used about a gallon of acetone getting that shit off.
  16. shithitsthefan

    shithitsthefan Senior Member

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    pryed open a bucket of paint at home closed it up went on the ttc (public bus) and it fell off the seat and the top wasnt on all the way and went all over the bus...kinda awkward leaving right away...
  17. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    nero has died my balls black for a week and a half now....
    and part of my leg.....I once lost a full pilot sized squeezer of purple kandy on a road trip from cali to az...died my pubes purple, my balls purple my leg purple. I wear wearing black pants so it didn't matter, died my boxers purple....thats when I started shaving HAHAHAHA I wasn't about to walk around with a clown wig on my johnson
  18. beltonuk

    beltonuk Banned

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  19. SPANE

    SPANE New Member

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    like afew weeks ago i was refilling my otr hard 2 buff marker n i was just bout 2 pour it through the funnel n then my dad juss barges in the garage sees me n the marker i get scared as hell "he doesnt know i write graff n he used 2 so he knows the tools of the trade" n i like flinched black garvey goes allover the garage floor and my dads white porsche "which is his like pride and joy" luckily my frends cousin is a car painter n he took it off n repainted 4 like 20 bucks....whew! and i managed 2 convince him i have the marker for "school projects and posterboard" i don think he really bought it tho i think he just wants 2 tryta catch me
  20. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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    Well this one time, i made my own marker, it was my first one....
    and anyways i filled it with ink
    put the nib in
    and i was like "wtf, why isnt the ink comming out yet"
    so i start squeazing the marker
    then just out of no where
    the nib just pops out
    and red ink spilled EVERYWHERE
    yeah it was MAD gay