Yo! So growing up in Minnesota skateboarding and snowboarding it was natural to be dabbling with graffiti but after traveling, especially out of the states, I really fell in love with it and decided to take it more seriously.

I really admire artists who push the envelope and can adapt to different situations whether its freights, streets, or a chill spot. Writers like Pose, Semor, MFK crew, Cheak, Asahe (laundry list of others) really inspire me to try new things.

My style is all over the board, it drives me nuts. In general, I like my work to express an optimistic energy.

When I can take my time on a piece I really like to experiment with freeform lettering, blending ideas and techniques, incorporating imagery that inspires me.

I like painting things that I’m unsure about, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Either way its more rewarding for me than painting the same thing I’ve done a dozen times, BUT don’t get me wrong, rocking the go to stamp is very rewarding when bombing! =)

My style is definitely in the development stage, excited to see where it ends up down the road!

Your dude,

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