Yo, I write Guez.

Not going to disclose which city I’m from, but I’m from the Bay Area, California.

Crews I’m in are 666$$$, 44, and Chiefs.

I’ve been writing for 15+ years, started back in my early teens and ever since then it’s helped me cope with my mental health and find a sense of identity.

I grew up looking up at a lot of the locals from San Francisco and Oakland; such as ICP and TDK (RIP MIKE DREAM).

Being from California I automatically had a passion and love for Old English, being from The Bay we tend to keep our style funky, so you can say my style is like Funky Old English with a Cali twist to it.

I always mentioned to a lot people, but I took a hiatus from graff due to personal issues that I needed to resolve. I’ve had several names growing up, but Guez is something I’ve stuck for the past couple of years.

I’ve always loved to draw outside of traditional graffiti letters as well.

After a decade of doing graff I decided to focus more on the imagery aspect that it can offer.

I love dogs, dogs are always curious and are powerful beings.

It definitely was a struggle trying to find the perfect flow to execute the main dawg throw-up that I do. It’s constantly having its minor changes but I’m always content with the growth that it comes with.

From my own perspective, as it should. Learn the fundamentals of graffiti, LETTERS! 

Learn to tag and go bomb, before trying to do a “moniker”.

You need to learn your environment and understand how graff works further most.

I wouldn’t be painting The Dawg if it wasn’t for understanding what a decent handstyle is.

That’s just me tho…

Now and days when I tend to have writers block or find myself bored(which is sorta rare now), I try to study the style and techniques from fellow homies. Such as CUMRAG, PERCY, HIDRO, SWINE, and many more from the crews I’m in.

Graffiti can be very mentally challenging, especially hitting hot spots and overcoming the risk it comes with. I try to remain calm and try to understand my thought process while I’m under pressure. More than half the time fear mainly stems from my mind and not the actual reality that can happen. Even in the worst-case scenarios, I try to find a way I would have to exit if shit does hit the fan.

With that being said, I love painting trucks.

Definitely dope seeing your trucks roll around the city and throughout the interstate. Definitely NOT dope when the owner comes out with a bat ready to swing at you. All I gotta say is Life’s a Risk Foo.

Advice I would give to anyone coming up is to continue to paint. No matter the hardships and bullshit you have in your personal life, always find peace with yourself through painting. I’ve tried stopping several times, but graffiti is a part of the city and community that I stay within. Graffiti will be there in parts of your life, and unfortunately it won’t be. As a painter or vandal you will find that at the end of the day it helps you cope with everyday life if you want it to. Continue to grow and think outside the box, the possibilities are endless. Have fun and be there for those in need, Peace.

Shout out to all those that we’ve lost throughout the years. This one’s for y’all. (RIP MIRE THR)

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