Hello, my name is Gus. I started writing as a kid in Nashville in the early 90’s. My first word was Pollak as a joke. I was inspired by the local scene at the time with writers like GQ, Revok, Beno, Sever, Rex2, Race, Tackz, Arson, and others.  At 16 I moved to a small town in the North Carolina mountains with very little graffiti or hip hop culture and started writing on stuff.   I still live in that town which is now a very expensive little city with a rich little graffiti scene fueled by my Lords friends among other crews including UM, HiVis, CWC, NLM, and others. I’ve owned a commercial mural company for the last 11 years. A few years ago after tiring of listening to other people debate what I should do with my art, I scrapped everything and started from scratch with the most simple building blocks of rectangles, circles, and lines and began writing my own rules of design. I have slowly integrated elements of traditional graffiti into my letters mindfully while not allowing those rules to limit my own world. While I will always love graffiti, at this age I mostly write letters so that I can spend time with my friends. 

Shoutout to my crews and friends LORDS, CBS, UM, and everyone else out there keeping it humble. 

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