I write Hades since 2006 and it’s a name I chose because of the usual hip-hop/graffiti-influenced attitude of being the best. Everybody strives to be the underground King so therefore I picked a name, a synonym for the underground but to level it up, in a God form. Hades was the perfect answer. I come from Sarajevo. It’s the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

In the first years, as a common thing, I was influenced by the local guys who painted. Crews like BTN, ALC, STF, or UTR. Also the Balkan crew YCP or Croatian guys PR, IMB.

Besides that, movies played a big role. Style Wars or Dirty Handz, Infamy, Kings and toys and so on…

As the years passed I discovered artists like Does, Aryz, OS Gemeos, Kems, MSK crew, Bom.k, Miedo, Mr.Pencil, Won Abc, and others. Some of them because of the letters and tags, some for the colors, and some for the characters.

For my style, I would say it’s a mix of all these inspirational artists I mentioned but in the 1st place adding your own personal touch to it. I’m trying to push myself to add something new and bring some freshness into the whole story.
Putting the focus on the letter composition, or the colors, or adding a character is what keeps the fun for me and keeps me curious about the whole journey.

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