Aloha, i write Haloe. Born and raised in beautiful Hawaii.  I started spraying in 2003 and ever since then, i have been accustomed to graff.  Graffiti styles are constantly evolving. I’ve dipped into different styles here and there but I’d say as of lately, I’ve been really feelin old school funk while adding my own flair to it. I constantly draw influence through different forms. It could be scrolling through flicks on social media, or seeing local writers getting up on the streets.  I’d have to say though, the biggest influence comes from my crew, 24K.  Styles, effects and technique have stemmed from years painting alongside them.  If it’s “good,” it’s good, if it’s “bad,” go back to the drawing board. They never sugar coat shit and tell it like it is, true brothers right there.  Whether it’s bombing, or rockin burners, we’ve constantly always pushed each other to do it better than before.  Most importantly though, they’ve push me forward through every aspect in life, not just graffiti. Without them I wouldn’t be where i am today and for that I am eternally grateful. Mahalos to bombing science for the interview.  Shout out to all my family and friends, most importantly my wife, she’s the real MVP who’s been nothing but supportive ever since.  And to my little one Sadie. 

Don’t sleep on Hawaii.  We may only be a few small islands out in the pacific but we’ve got a lot of talented writers out here, Aloha.

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