This is Heks, a citizen of the world. Wherever I spray my cap is my home.  I started painting in the 90’s and since then, it brought me across the world meeting up with my Super Friends and never looking back.

Writers whose style I like– I’d have to go with my teams: Cure, Equal, Stuck, Skomp, Thoze,Emte, Tese, Ante, Sireps, Eats, Rides, Seto, Flex, Eixo, Cokas, Deo1, Reyz, Panzer, Feito, Tkid & Sonic.
My current style is FAST! In the full contact sport of Metro Sports, you never know how much time you will have. So I prefer to be finished as much as possible and readable for the bench. 

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Photos from b4_flight bazookafilms77 and coyotetruck