I’m a Montreal based writer and I’ve been painting for about 20 years. In the last 10 years, I took myself more seriously and really applied myself to the craft. My style is heavily influenced by traditional sign painting, cartoons, and band logos. I get a lot of inspiration from comic books, music, old skate mags, vintage signs, pop art and from my homies and fellow artists. I’d say my style is somewhat simple but with many complications and some cartoons. Writers I really admire are Astro, RCH, Gary Stranger, Bond, and Naimo but this list could go on forever. Writers I admire and motivate me to paint are the boys from LTG crew, Eksept, Hozek, Seork, Grils, Apashe, Gost, Macadam, Paynt and Sker. LTG and HRKR are my crews. 

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