Hots from Benicàssim (Spain)
Hello, my name is Juan and I write like Juan, Hot, Hots, Jot, Juanito… And many more, I start painting graffiti about mid 90´s in my hometown Castellón and Benicassim, little towns in the east of Spain, on the Mediterranean coast, I’m something like a Beach Boy. My main references, in the beginning, was the classic writers from New York, and the new school writers from Madrid and Alicante scene, also I was heavily influenced for classic cartoon from the tv shows and lots of crazy toys. Nowadays I am a little influenced for graphic design, but I’m still in love with the late 90`s and early 2k styles.

If I have to describe what I do… I think is a mix between classic graffiti, cartoon, and heavy metal with a little touch of design, I try to be in a constant evolution so it’s hard for me to talk about of something like style, I see things who seem interesting and i bring it to my creative world.

I still live in my hometown and painting on some of the walls who i was painting in the early 2k, I feel so lucky, but I love to travel to paint new spots.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my work!

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