Yoo House T.T. here, where to begin? 

I guess ill start as far back as I can remember.

I started consistently drawing at about 11-12 years old. Began skating and playin basketball around the same time. So Id say I was influenced by the skate brands I admired. Also the basketball team jerseys/logos.

Cant forget 80s/90s cartoons! Toonami was my shit!

When I was about 14 I began to notice handwriting/cursive more from different people, mostly my mother. I can recall being in my early teen years and getting into trouble at school and having to send papers home for my mother to sign. Referrals/detention/etc. Since I wasn’t tryin to hear it from her/get in trouble, I would sit and try to copy her signature as closely as I could. Shit was impossible! She has some of the neatest/cleanest signatures/handwriting, I’ve ever seen! Til this day she’s burnin me haha. 

Didn’t really get into graffiti until I was about 16, through my homie Jae’s older brother shoutout to him. He put me onto a couple of good books such as Freight Train Graffiti/ All City/ Graffiti World/The art Of Getting Over etc.

Also movies like Style Wars/Infamy/State Your Name etc. 

From that point on I was completely consumed. 

Art caught my attention because of the freedom I had to do whatever I wanted. But Graffiti for me merged the best parts about art. Letters/creativity/Excitement/A Rush. 

Ive been Writing for roughly 11 years on and off mostly on for the past few years. I had to take a break and hit college for 4 years to get my shit together.

Mostly based out of Orlando Florida. Shoutout to all the Orlando homies and OG’s 

Jae/This/Skie/Moer/Spec/Phelo/Feo (Free Feo)

Currently Im into Letters, thats the whole point of this game nah? Without letters and letter structure you have nothing. All the “fancy” add ons and extras don’t mean shit if your letters are wack. 

Im still struggling a bit with my letters/style  but my influences and experiences continue to inspire me to work at it and get better. 

A lot of “writers” out there are doing their thing and some have taken graffiti to a whole new level. 

With that being said writers/crews who have been and are really pushing the envelope for me are 

3A, UPS, TM7, FDC , IMOK, 2DX, PFE, TCI, ATT, TSL, MSK, 4s, Bandits, WST, 156, 28, MSG. etc. So many more that i’m sure i’m forgetting my bad!

As far as my style goes I try to keep it Legible/clean/simple, with a few breaks and arrows here and there. 

Im trying to incorporate my Handstyles into my pieces as well. While always sticking to the foundations. Letters/Letter structure, cant stress this enough! 

Thanks for the feature! Much appreciated

ShoutOut to the homies/fam around the states! Stay up and stay safe! 

Much love.

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