After a couple of days of pure procrastination (eating breakfasts, wearing a silk shirt, having brunch), I realized that I was still commited to do that review, thus I really had to shut down my main activities and go paint. So I highjacked a blank wall and started a piece. At this point, I had mostly tried the Flame with NY fats for my fill. Since this cap is magic, it makes anything look good so I was not really impressed by the paint itself…  But then I grabbed a uni cap (the yellow one) and started my outline: by then I was really amazed. It was like the old True Colorz brand, with less pressure and more pigment. Super sweet. Just imagine Dimmu Borgir making a Bone Thugs cover. Or vice versa. Well, it was like the perfect blend. Plus it smells like propane, thus you keep thinking about bbq and food and then you have to stop painting cause you’re too hungry. Well played Flame!  

Since I'm more into characters and not very good with letters, I thought I had nothing to lose trying it first with something I didn't mind to fail at… I thought «FLAME… another shitty brand from Greece». Now I know I was wrong. This paint is perfect for details and it delivers medium/high opacity pigments through very smooth and consistant lines. It feels like silk.  
– H.SIX 156

Hsix / Montreal / Walls