Interview by Rabies (Bombing Science)

Bombing Science: What big changes are going on in your life?

Hyde: Just had a baby girl.

BS: How are they affecting your art?

Hyde: Its making me want to create inspirational things.

BS: What is the meaning behind your characters/symbols?

Hyde: The meaning is what ever the viewer wants it to be…the images I make make me feel universal, I’m hoping it does the same for others.

BS: What is your greatest graffiti accomplishment to date?

Hyde: I try not to think about the accomplishments, I try to focus on the present goal. I’m sure I’ll have some time to trip about what i did later in life.

BS: Can you tell me about your participation in the Meeting of Styles event this year?

Hyde: Thanks to my man Yours, I got to do the poster for the 2008 annual Meeting of Styles. He also flew me out to Europe to get down in the Mos Jam out there. 

BS: How did Chicago’s event compare to the event in Europe?

Hyde: Chicago always throws a good graff jam. There was a grip of dope writters that represented, too bad it got rained out this year. Europe was a different story, Mos was doing it bigg out there. I got to see alot of europes illest get down. Big up S8 Yard, Yours, Naste, Mr, puppet, Dome, Zeb, Demon. 

BS: What cities would you like to paint in next?

Hyde: Still growing roots in the Bay Area and Chicago. Down to paint anywhere it takes me.

BS: What is the next show you are participating in and what is it about?

Hyde: I don’t think that far ahead…


BS: What is your favorite medium to work in and why?

Hyde: Spray paint is the one, that shit is the fastest way to speak!!!

BS: What is the scene like in Chicago right now?

Hyde: The scene is always strong out here, always representing that real hip hop subway graff mentality.

BS: Who is inspiring you in the art world?  How are you keeping it fresh?

Hyde: Anybody that is killing shit is inspiring to me.

BS: What is your next move on the streets? What did you focus on the past couple of years?

Hyde: No moves, focused on living.

BS: What forums / magazines / movies do you pay attention to?

Hyde: “One Track Mind”

BS: Do you think it’s important to have formal college education for artists? Why or why not?

Hyde: yes and no, you can buy an education but you can’t buy class.

BS: What was your upbringing like in the city and how did it influence the direction your art went in?

Hyde: It made me want to create a better environment and experience then what i was getting from it. Overall I’m always trying to flip positive and negative energy through my art. That seems to help balance things out for me. That shit isn’t always easy to do though…

BS: Who did you vote for?

Hyde: Big up to Obama, too bad I don’t play politics.

BS: Are you available for commissions and how would someone contact you?

Hyde: I’m available upon commission. Contact is [email protected]

BS: Any shoutouts you’d like to give?!