Hi I’m IKE
I paint graffiti from ‘96. In the early times, I never been so active, like two or three pieces a year…everything changed when i met my first “hip-hop mates”!
I painted my first train almost ten years later, I always had the mentality of going on the train only when the style had become mature…a kind of lost old school mentality.
I’m based in ROME
I’m fully influenced by every style that I see around me.
When I was a kid my target was a wild style..but I never understood the constructions of the letters and the result was always wild for sure, but without style… over time the focus has shifted towards old school style, and studying the “bibles” I fell in love with Dondi’s style..
I love the german style and mentality, the Australian and New Zealand scene is incredible, I like the french touch, and of curse Italian writers… I can say that Italy has one of the most beautiful scenes in the world
The best city about scene and mentality in Italy is Naples…right there you can still breathe a genuine air and a fully hip hop life, like you’re still living in the golden era.
Even Milan and Rome have a huge and important scene but graffiti is almost completely extrapolated from the rest of the movement now I can consider my style a quite original and recognizable style… a call it “a new old school” because I’m getting old but trying to keep it fresh!

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