IMOS – I started writing in 1996 during my first year the art high school.

My first years have been influenced mostly by the Italian and European scenes, but I believe my style started to be more mature after I start looking at NY graffiti from the 70/80’s period to the 2000’s. Travels and meetings had, and still have, a great impact to evolve my style and get knowledge about the graffiti movement in a wider view.

I like graffiti in each aspect, tags, throw-ups, blockbusters, and big production, but most of it, I like them at large. I like to dialogue with the city and the citizens and enjoy it. I believe that this attitude is fundamental as the focus on style in graffiti.

I love to sketch and study letters, shapes, structures, layers, and complex fill-ins, as instruments to create compositions. I like the funky flavor both in mechanical letters with functional and tricky loops, as in soft and more spontaneous letters. The important is to find vibrant and catchy solutions, not banal.

The study of lettering and its abstraction of it is also the base of my artistic research and still is, after almost 3 decades, what gives me the most stimulation to create new works, in love with the feeling of freedom of this art expression.

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