Hey thanks for taking the time to do this interview, can you give us a brief introduction into who Bure is? How long have you been in the game and what originally inspired you to start in graffiti?

Bure is a normal guy behind a pseoudonomy that has been interesed in graffiti since the end of 90’s after discover some amazing tags and throw ups from other writters of my city.

Alot of graffiti artists we interview typically have a day job that is creative as well, such as graphic design. What do you do as a full time gig and do you ever have plans to do this full time or is this something that will always be on the side?

My job is related with graffiti but in a more proffesional way and I never mix it with my free time graffiti (the one that I really like)

Most graffiti artists say that travel is their favorite part of graffiti culture, I’m curious what part of the world do you come from and where all have you traveled? Any good travel stories?
I’m from Galicia (located in the north-west of Spain). I use to move all across all the cities of Galicia and also I have been painting almost in all the big cities of Spain (Bcn, Madrid, Bilbao…) and some international cities like London, Lisbon, Bucharest etc.
Talking about good memories I could write a book because any vandal night becomes a crazy as fuck. But in order to at least give you something I could mention about our trip to Germany that was full of crazy moments. Some of them like being interrogated by police some times, jumping in a Van from the top of a train station etc… (Maybe should be better not disclosure haha)

What do you think about the impact the internet has had on graffiti? There is so many writers out there that its very inspiring but at the same time it seems like its never been more competitive? I imagine its a double edged sword because it must be easier to find work around the world and to find other artists to collaborate with, but there must be a lot of pressure to work constantly. 


Just as you say social media can work both ways in graffiti. On the one hand you are able to see murals, discover styles and draw influences from all over the globe. But on the other hand the information is overwhelming and hard to filter, giving priority to quantity over quality. I have to say for me has been a good thing overall, lots of friends and nice people!

How much time do you put into your craft on a weekly basis and was there ever any piece of advice you received when you first started out that has stuck with you? Do you agree that to be exceptional at this that it will take everything you have in terms of time and effort? 

I have been dedicated to this world as a full-time job, part of my time working in graffiti for my company and part of my time as hobby. I really believe that due to the grow of the graffiti in the last years in order to be a remarkable graffiti artist you should put to much effort in order to keep growing and be able to develop your own style. On the other hand if you really love graffiti in the end is not an “effort” I would say that passion is what makes you keep working on that.

What has been your biggest sacrifices you’ve had to make for your craft (work, money, relationship..etc.)? 
Every one that is dedicated to graffiti, should assume that a “normal life” is not allowed in the sense that you should invest your money and time to travel, paint, legal problems, more problems etc.. But as my personal experience and due to my personality I love this life.
What is the dream for you or the big goal with graffiti? You have a large following, do you ever see yourself trying to sell prints, shirts or anything along those lines to your followers? 

First of all, I should say that I enjoy graffiti because It’s my passion and I understand it as my hobby or a way to avoid any issue of your personal life. I would say that the main goal is just enjoy it. Additionally, as I said I already make money with graffiti so I would say that right now I’m focused in keep growing as a graffiti artist, develop my own style and be able to travel around the world getting more relevance and renowned.

Who are your favorite artists and writers that you follow today? what music are you listening to these days when you paint?

I couldn’t choose only one artist, the graffitti world is huge and I like a lot of people.
I really dig the motherfuckers that paint with me (Asten, Triste, Yoe, Tbeos, Dulze, Zrock, Creme, Socio, Blind…). When I go to paint I use to listen a lot of stuff but to aim a bite a could say some artis like; KadettGSI, allays Dj Screw in my mp3, UGK or any other good artist from Houston, Post Malone, Cinnamon Chasers, Gucci Mane, The Blaze,RATM, Omar S… I love vaporwave too and retrovideogames soundtracks.

How important is a blackbook to a aspiring graffiti writer? Did you study a lot of the artists that you admired when you were coming up? 

10 I really like to see the blackbooks and other writers’ designs. But personally I don,t do sketches usually. I am very lazy for it. I prefer to paint improvising and without a sketch.

Outside of the obvious “work harder” advice that gets put out there what do you think it is that seperates the greats from the merely good artists? Is it just time?

11 I believe that motivation and perseverance are very important. The desire to improve style, paint and getting up are basic to try to be a great writer.

I like your taste in music, I’m a fan of retro game soundtracks and vaporwave too, do you have any favorites that stick out to you? 
For synthwave I like mitch murder, Miami nights or fm attack. Last month I have been replaying the GBA metroids and Super Famicom Super Metoid and I have downloaded all the ost. Lately I listen to it all the time!
Any shout outs? Where can people follow you and what can they expect next?

People can follow me in my unofficial instagram acount @infamousbure33 
Greetings and thanks for the support!

Interview by Wesley Edwards