1) So first off thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview, can you give us a brief introduction to your career in graffiti?  Do you do this as a business fulltime?
Hi! I thank you very much for this opportunity! I am Aceuno and my career began in 1996 in Rome .. now I live in Bolzano for six years and the tranquility that you breathe in this fantastic city has given me the inspiration for my evolution! I have a wonderful wife and three beautiful girls
2) Who inspired you in the beginning? Was there any lineage or crew that you came up in when you were first starting?  
Honestly I started writing on the diaries of my classmates as a child .. I did not even know they were the Graffiti … then over time the desire to rebel against the monotony led me to paint my name on the trains and in the street .. certainly the old school of New York has conditioned me
3) Back in January you did a collaboration with the YouTube channel Heavy Goods can you tell us about how that came to be? 
they contacted me for their first collaboration on their YouTube channel and then the second part came by itself! Its a fantastic team and a brand that I really like!

4) How important is the black book to your process? Is there any kind of practices you employ to make sure you get better? For example I saw you posted a submission to a blackbookology challenge which I thought was cool, I wasn’t aware of instagram channels that feature graffiti battles.
Sketch is my great passion! every day I work on something and participate in the contest gives me the push to give more and more! I love working on the letter and the balance of the track .. I like to make it obvious and readable to anyone trying to evolve in the structures and in the flow
5) How would you say graffiti has changed over the years? Is there any other coming changes that you see to the scene?
In recent years Graffiti have been influenced by many new currents and finally have found their place in modern art.
surely there will still be new influences and other ways of doing Graffiti in the next years … we all work hard to evolve the movement.
6) One thing I like about your instagram is that you detail what it is that inspires you to create certain pieces. For example you recently put up a IT tribute in your hometown what about that Stephen King book inspired you from when you were young? Reading that book at 10 years old must have been really strange with the sex stuff in it. I remember when I was a kid in my neighborhood we would dare one another to go further into the sewer tunnels to see if we ran into him. 
My Graffiti tells my story … this is my belief. Always write my name does not interest me much, I prefer to describe my experiences and my loves .. this is what pushes me to go on .. Graffiti is a language for me and it tells about It and its importance in my life is needed.
7) Do you collaborate with other artists and do you think you learn a lot by collaborating with others? Do you ever do paint jams or anything like that? 
in the last two years I have had the opportunity to paint together with great artists and know their stories .. all this has enriched me so much and made me grow a lot! my style is what I am.
I love living experiences together with people who love Graffiti and they do it with all their style and passion

8) How important are commission pieces to what you do today? Are you able to support yourself with your art full time now? 
in the last two years I have finally been able to work a lot with my works .. unfortunately it is not yet enough since I have a big family and the money is never enough but I can be satisfied
9) Where all have you traveled? Do you have any crazy travel stories you can share?
I was lucky enough to paint in many European cities: Birmingham, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin … my dream is to do it in New York!
10) What kind of art or music is inspiring you these days? You also mentioned on your Instagram that you’ve been reading a lot lately. Is there anything in particular you’re reading that you enjoyed? 
hiphop music is definitely my source of inspiration .. public enemy, wutang, onyx, krsone … lately I have little time to read but my greatest inspiration comes from the paintings of modern art..dali, miro, Matisse, Picasso, de Chirico, Chagall … I love contemporary art.
11) What do you find inspiring about the contemporary artists like Dali or Picasso? Who would you say is your favorite contemporary artist and why?
I am very fascinated by other modern artists: Burri, Fontana, Klee, Kandinsky, Basquiat, Matisse.
Now I follow the work of Pantone, Kkade, Gary and Pose a lot.
12) Has graffiti turned out to be everything you thought it would be as far as a career goes or is it a struggle?
it is my language … my way of being and loving.
13) Who are your favorite writers and artists today? 
the list would be endless … whoever puts my soul in my interest … now there are great artists in every part of the world .. I am very attached to the American oldschool and the modernity of the Germans but I love the Malaysian writers!

14) Where would you like to be in 5 years?
definitely where I am already and with my family..so I can always give my best! I hope I can shoot a lot more but I love my house
15) Any shout outs? Where can people follow you and what can people expect from you next?
I’m on instagram for those who have the pleasure to follow my work … I tried to open new channels of communication but it is too demanding for me .. I have no time!
THX for this Bombing Science!
Stay true Always
You can follow Ace on Instagram.
Interview by Wesley Edwards.