Alright so thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, can you give us a brief introduction of how you got to this point? How long have you been into graffiti?
KICK ONE mad society kings / all ways rocking / the seventh letter. Been rocking trains since 92. had a small crew of freight rockers back then “rockin mad freights” that included warp, noer, jzoe, buds, and myself. loved knowing my work would travel throughout North America and would last a lot longer than a wall ever would. slowed down in the mid-2000s and picked it back up in the early 2010s and I’m not done yet.
When you first started who were the graffiti writers or artists that inspired you and who inspires you today? 
I’ve always looked up to my crewmate risky and my homie seen and still do to this date. My brothers saber, krush, and revok most definitely inspire me on lettering. freight crushers pepe, cav, sien 5, sento, mone. my competition inspires me the most, need to let these young guys know I can still bang with the best of them!
What is your favorite documentary or book that covers the history or major players of graffiti and why? 
I don’t have a favorite documentary or book, I was more into hard copy photo albums and shoeboxes full of pictures of rocked freight panels from around the world. the can control zine was awesome too.
I noticed on your Instagram that you sell a lot of custom freights, I’m curious what is your long term business strategy with selling products like this? Do you see graffiti as something that could support you by selling freight box cars or originals or do you always view it as a side hustle? What do you do for your main job?
No strategy, I’ll keep pushing out as much artwork as I can just for fun and the satisfaction of knowing someone will own a piece of artwork I created. Thank you to all my ig followers and customers for the support.
Your wildstyle letters are so clean and sharp I find it really impressive, did you have any particular exercises or practices that you used to up your skills when you were starting out? What do you think separates the pros from the toys?
No particular exercises or practices, just a lot of painting. I’ve done my best to keep improving and simplifying my technique, to the point that I don’t require a sketch to start painting. I just go in.
What kind of music do you listen to when you paint? Who is your favorite hip hop artist and why?
I don’t listen to music while I paint, graffiti is illegal where I’m from. you gotta stay on point for the cops. I do tend to listen to metal to get pumped while pregaming. my favorite hip hop artist? is slayer hip hop… haa haaaa. I like hip hop, guess that’d probably be Ghostface.
When you hit a freight box car do you ever jump on it to just take a ride and see where it goes? If not what is your craziest travel story and what is your favorite place to visit?
Nah man, I have a job and a family. Craziest travel story would have to be Tijuana, back in my late teens. Full automatics going off in an upstairs club with only one staircase in or out, people falling off the sides to avoid getting hit, seeing dudes run out holding their stomachs full of blood. a couple of my homies got arrested later that same night at a different club…. yes we continued to party…cuz the party doesn’t stop in tj because of a little shooting. There’s a lot more that happened that trip, but we’ll keep it short. favorite place to visit would be disneyland…haa haaa… I have kids dude!
Where do you see your career in a few years? It seems like you have a couple of things like shirts or boxcars that bring you in some cash so what is the end game for you or do you do it all for the hell of it?
I look forward to continue to rock freights heavily, and travel a bit more and collab with other writers that I know and or appreciate. I love to influence younger dudes to stay biz.
Any shout outs you would like to give? where can people follow you?
Shout out to all my crews msk, awr, the seventh letter, rocking mad freight, west coast artists, and all my homies from otr, rtd, hbm, mta, tci, and the official toppers gang oxnard southern california!!!
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Interview by Wesley Edwards