For those that don’t know you, who are you, where are you from and what crews do you rep?

Hey , I write PKASO one from East coast Australia , NWO is my crew. Brisbane is where I started painting, a city that had a very strong scene in the 90’s. With so many talented artists in the city I knew I wanted to get amongst it.

How long have you been painting/What got you into graffiti?

I started tagging in ’96 not knowing that this would become a big part in my life. The train lines were an art gallery back then and I was intrigued by the anonymity of it and the fresh colors!! The 007 style missions to do the trains were all too fun. And addictive! That’s what really got me started.

How has living in Australia influenced your work?

For such an isolated country Australia been a great place to grow up painting, each capital city has its own vibe and style. I feel travelling interstate has allowed me to see how diverse the lettering and style can be pushed.

Do you do any street bombing? Is that difficult in Australia? What is the perception of graffiti in Australia?

I do a little street bombing, but I prefer doing sneaky street pieces. I do like bombing though, especially doing throws ups!!! The street stuff , particularly bombing in my city is very frowned upon and the buff do a good job cleaning things quick. Australia doesn’t mind throwing cash at this situation!!! But every city down under is a little different, it can be a bit relaxed further south.

How would you describe your style?

When it comes to my style I like to keep it simple. Very readable funky letters. I freestyle all my stuff so it evolves rather slow. Having kept my basic letter structure over years it has changed very little, I find myself chopping and changing between really funky rounded letters to really straight, sharp letters. I really enjoy hollowing the letters out sometimes which is a running trend a lot of my peers used to rock many years ago.

What comes first: letters or style?

For me its style, I started writing PKASO because I have always admired art and artists growing up and it’s a catchy name.

Do you have any advice for kids starting out?

If any kids asked for advice, all I could say would be to be original with your letters, do your homework on the trains and if u can’t burn it , leave it!!!!

Do you do other forms of art?

As for other avenues of art, the only really thing I enjoy is photography but I’m very amateur.

Is graffiti on canvas still considered graffiti and why?

The debate still rages, Is graffiti on canvas still graffiti? Not really , graffiti belongs in and on public spaces in my opinion. What other art moves? That’s why my favorite surface to paint is on the trains!! Passenger trains in particular , but rolling stock like freights are fun too!

What are your other interests besides graffiti?

Other interests beside graffiti? Well I do enjoy getting out and exploring Australia in my free time. It’s one of the benefits of living here, it so big and so much to see. The other is a cold beer with the boys really. Haha.

It always seems graffiti writers have great drinking stories with their lads. Would you say that Saturdays are for the boys?

I would say Saturdays were for the boys! When I was a teenager for sure!! But now I take things a bit easier!

If you weren’t painting graffiti, what do you think you would be doing?

Graffiti has always been there for as long as i care to remember, if I didn’t have this outlet I’m quite sure I would have run with something creative to fill the void.

Where has graffiti taken you?

I feel Graffiti is such a unique subculture, travelling I like to think, comes as part of the deal. I travel when I can and It is one of my favorite past times. I have been lucky enough to see a lot of amazing places and have friends that I would never of crossed paths with had it not been for Graff.

Last words?

Thanks for the chat, I’d like to give my crew, The NWO boys a shout out swell as all my other mates I have been lucky enough to befriend in Australia and Abroad! They know who they are!!

Interview by: Sandi Omanovic

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