One of our fellow collaborator had the chance to interview style writer BOOGIE for y’all to read! Don’t sleep on this wicked interview! Def GEM right here!

Interview courtesy of Mikael Craks 

Where are you from and what city are you holding down?
Originally I´m from Germany – I grew up in the eastern part, spent some time in Berlin and Wiesbaden. Since about 6 years I´m living near Basel/Switzerland

What do you write and is there a story behind the name?

I write BOOGIE since 2008.

How long have you been on this graffiti scene?
I started graffiti in 1994.
What krews do you run with?
SML is my crew. Founded in 1997. 

How would you describe your style?
I like that comic style. Clean shapes, readable and powerful color combos. I often use that sugar-candy-theme in my pieces. The styles should look tasty and people should smile when they see it. 
Others may describe my style as some kind of oldskool, but every time I try to push my simple looking letters more to achieve THE perfect shape. It´s a long way and I´m never 100% satisfied.

What are your thoughts about the current graff scene in your area code?
It´s different every time. There are the Oldskoolers and the Young Guns – the mostly legal painters and the train bombers. I think it´s important to respect each other. Everybody has different goals in this graff game. But Basel is a great place to be and people push their limits. The track lines in Basel are bold, colourful and just fun to watch. Great output here.
As a graffiti artist what are your thoughts on street art being considered the new wave of graffiti?
Its difficult cause for lots of people graff and street art is the same. They don’t know about the history and the development of graffiti cause nobody ever told ’em. But what should we do? I try to do my thing and I don’t really care about this. I think in both scenes they are lots of great artists and also lots of wannabe artists – especially in the street art scene. Making street art stuff often is not so dangerous like doing graffiti. So there are tons of people calling themselves street artists when they dropped 50 stickers and 10 stencils in the city. Then upload those on a social media channel and think “Hooray! I’m like Shepard!” 
I’m a really big fan of Shepard Farey, but there are so many biters. I don’t know – copy-paste shouldn´t be a thing.

What is graffiti all about to you?
In the beginning it was all a great new experience and adventure. Lots of crazy stories that could fill books. 
Now – 20 years later – I still have lots of fun while doing this graff thing. It became a big part of my life. But it’s not everything. There is my family, wifey and friends – cause yes,  I have also friends that are not involved in that graff game.
But graff gave me the chance to see lots of places, visit other countries, meet awesome people and earn some money. 

Do you think graffiti has reached its limits or do you think that new styles will keep arising?

Graff will always move forward. But: Nothing beats the classics! 

What are some of the writers who inspired you?

There are sooo many people who inspire me. Of course the big names like Atom, Can2, Smash137, Seen or the MSK crew are few of them. But also my crewmates are often a big inspiration or the guys I get to know while traveling or painting.


When you go out on a mission do you like bombing alone or do u like having some partners in crime out with you?

I like both. The Egoshooter game can be really exciting, but going out as a team is definitely my favorite. In the end I´m a team player. 
You have any crazy stories you want to share when u were out painting?

A while ago I was tagging around in Berlin. A guy with his bike stopped by and asked me for a commission. 

Only in Berlin! 

What do you prefer to paint on? Walls, trains, permission walls.. etc?

Steel is real. But I love it to take my time for a piece. So I also like to paint legal spots. Some of those can be really fun, too.

What are some of your favorite brand cans, markers, mops, ink, and caps you get down with?

I don’t really care about the brand name. It’s all about the quality of the product and what you make of it. 
I’m something like old skool. I just need a NY Fatcap, a Skinny and a Euro Fatcap. 

How did you develop such a flawless skill with cans… And what can we do to sharpen our skills?

Not everybody likes the sharp lines. Look at the styles of OPIUM/Wildboys from Naples! Always like the standard cap. And it looks fucking dope. 
Back to the question: learning by doing. No special tools. But practice is a great coach – and surround yourself with good guys. If I have time, I´m more than willing to help out. There is this saying: ‘’each one teach one “which I really believe in.
What are your feelings about more experienced writers calling all the new kids on the block TOYS?

Toys are only toys if they don’t have respect. Nobody has started with the dopest styles in the world. Once, everybody was a beginner. And if you don´t want graff to be dead when our generation is sitting in wheelchairs drooling, give those talented kiddos out there a chance to grow and become the next generation.

If you could teach or tell the new generation of writers one thing what would it be?
What you give is what you get! And: Respect your next!
Anything else you would like to add? This part is kinda on you homie.. Maybe have a lil closing statement. Shout outs? Maybe some # where people can see your work..?? Anything your working on.. Biz stuff.. Etc?

Thanks for having me. Hope to paint with my grandkids one day.

Boogie is your friend. #boogiesml

Insta: @BoogieSML
FB: Boogie SML