Here we ya go with the queen of Graffiti herself:

Where are you from and what city are you holding down?

Originally from Queens but I’m holding it down for the entire tri state area.
What do you write? Is there a story behind the name?
Claw Money. My first name’s Claudia which is where Claw comes from. Last name is Gold so that’s where Money fits in.
How long have you been in this graffiti scene?
For way too long. 

What crews do you run with?
Down with lots of crews but right now PMS, FC, TC5 and EWW
How would you describe your style?
Graphic, bold and amazing.
What are your thoughts about the current graff scene in your area code?
The block is hot.

As a graffiti artist what are your thoughts on street art being considered the new wave of graffiti?
Two different animals but, same public space and medium.
What is graffiti all about to you?
An anarchistic statement on today’s imposing society.
Do you think graffiti has reached its limits or do you think that new styles will keep arising?
Yes, hopefully it keeps forever evolving.
What are some of the writers who inspired you?
This would be an endless list but ill shout out a few: Zephyr, Dr. Revolt, Quik, Blade, LSD 3, West, Dez, Sharp, Mque, Miss 17 and Utah.
What other outlets have come do to you being a graffiti artist?
I got me where I am and graffiti is part of the equation. It’s where I come from and it gave me my start.
You have any crazy stories you want to share when u were out painting?
Every night is an adventure.
Have you ever been caught?
Is the Pope Polish?
Ever been to jail due to this?
I’ve been arrested many times but never did more than a few nights in bookings.

What do you prefer to paint on? Walls? Trains? Permission walls? Etc…?
All sounds good to me. Bring it on.
How did you develop such a flawless skill with cans ? and what can we do to sharpen our skills?
I don’t have a flawless skill. Every day I try to get my chops up. There’s no denying that practice makes perfect.
What are your feelings about more experienced writers calling all the new kids on the block TOYS?
They’re jealous and old.If you could teach or tell the new generation of writer one thing what would it be? 

Keep it alive. Make mama proud.To check out more of CLAW