Interview by Cian Walker
Bombing Science-Hey Typoe! What’s up?

Typoe- Just chilling at my studio, working on some art and eating pizza.
BS-Typoe’s a great name, totally appropriate for a graf writer, how did the choice come about?

T- The name was actually given to me by a hommie TYREX that was giving me some pointers in the game. I was about 15 when he told me that my current tag ‘mint3’ was pretty much the gayest name of all time and that I was never going to make it until I change it. So he gave me his back up tag..ever since that day Typoe has been like my first name. It’s dope because I like to study typography, so it fits very well.


BS-Where are you from and is there much of a local scene?

T- I’m from Miami. Yeah, there are def a lot of cats here who hold their weight in many different aspects of the game. Mad people sleep on Miami but we have some real heavyweights..especially dudes that ride to other cities and handle business and cats just think they are from up there. I will always have love for this city because it is where I grew up.
BS-What was your introduction to the world of Graffiti- was it a slow burner or something that immediately caught and captured your imagination?

T- The first thing that got me into writting was seeing old ink heads tags and other old school Miami cats. Going to school everyday I would always see throw ups and was instantly attracted to it. Before I even knew what graffiti was I was scribbling my name all over my parents house and shit. I just like writing words for some reason, I never really felt like I had a choice. I was just made to do it. You know what I mean?

BS-Tough question I know but who are some of your favourite artists- graffiti and otherwise?

T- I don’t really have any favorites, I am a huge graph enthusiast and I love so many peoples work. What’s dope about graffiti is that it is still such a young form and there are still styles out there that haven’t even been discovered yet. The sky is the limit with this shit. It’s also fresh cause one dude can be super traditional and do one outline a million times over…and another dude can splash a bunch of paint around and try to form letters but It doesn’t matter because everyone is doing what they like to do. You can judge everyone as much as you want but at the end of the day when all your hommies leave, and you are at home by your damn self all you got is what you love to do. Plain and simple.

BS-Your work both respects and rejects the common rules of graffiti- the way that you place your pieces into their surroundings is very interesting. How did the idea of abstracting common graffiti form come about?

T- Well I am most inspired by really classic graff, like how they used to connect all the letters and put no 3d and shit. I fucking love that more than anything. I’m not one that ever wants to reinvent the wheel, but I do like the ideas and concepts they had in the old days and bring it into my own styles. These days I have been more interested with seeing how my graffiti interacts with the space I put it in. My shit isn’t a sticker that I am just throwing onto a spot, it is something ever changing and evolving at all times. I feel like it changes in each space I put it in. That’s the fun part of it for me.

BS-Are there any particular goals you’d like to achieve in your graffiti career?

T- Um..I don’t know if I have a specific goal in mind but I know that I want to really master what I am doing..Sometimes I’m not sure what I am doing, but I just want to keep doing it to the best of my ability. I do this shit cause it makes my life better, so I will never stop. I like creating and it makes the little time I have on this planet just a little bit nicer.

BS– What is your opinion on the current state of graffiti, both locally and internationally?

T- Shit is popping off everywhere, yeah as graffiti gets bigger the cities crack down more and more but that is the game. If you want to complain about it then call your mama. I see a lot of cats doing some really nuts shit and it’s dope cause it makes me want to paint even more. This shit is fun and it will never end.

BS– Do you prefer to rock a spot alone or collaborate on a production? Also, your style being what it is, do you ever find it difficult to get your ideas across or find common ground with writers who approach the game in a more traditional manner?

T- As far as painting with people or not…it really just depends on my mood. Some of the time I rather be alone and focus on my shit..but there is nothing like painting with your hommies and just getting shit done. Can’t beat the feeling.

Naw, I chill with dudes who just do tags, then I got other hommies who just piece in illegal spots. I relate on some level to anyone who is really into this shit. Everyone has their thing that they like to do and I respect that. If everyone did the same thing then this shit would be lame as fuck. There are no rules…

BS– Do you have any artistic outlets outside of graffiti?

T- Yeah, I do art for a living.

BS– I really like the piece made from the cups in the fence on your Flickr- was this the only one? Have you toyed with the idea of getting up in any other non-traditional ways?

T- I did a few cups installations before..I just get really bored and try to keep myself entertained, I can never stay in one place, I get too crazy.

BS-Your fills and colour schemes are nuts- in a good way- any particular favourites?

T- Um…not really. It’s funny cause when I’m doing a piece or whatever I am all about it. But then when I get home and look at it again I see everything that was wrong with it and I can’t stand it. That’s also another motivating factor. I am never satisfied. I don’t think I ever will be, but I can keep on trying.

Shouts to all the hommies: Merf, Crunk, Slow, Cynic, Sone2, This, Skary, Sye5, Ticoe, Bogus, Dajam, FloJoe, Cruz, Panek, Dzel, Rival, Slae, Movie, Dter, Dunce, Murder, Alter, Meek, Brybe, Cide, G-Rex, Endoe, Xcon, Yesir, Nuse, Air, Stab, Eggyolk, Infoe, Metue, Books.. Rest in Peace TOOK, as long as I am alive your name will live on.