Intikvna – I remember started to paint with spray cans around 2006 even before with no idea that was called graffiti. But in resume around 14 years.

I like lettering and calligraphy, I tried many styles until I found wildstyles were my favorite, but recently I discovered that Chicano style, La, cholo, tattoo, mixed of aggressive organic lettering with wildstyle called Grimmestyle will inspire me to paint such of complicate letters.
I do sometimes and more often Chicano, latinoamerican art, such as realism, patterns that represent and share with people my culture.

Writers that I based of asoter, saute, becko, revok, in calligraffiti pockras, oscuro, teck24, mrcartoon, bigtyne, kalmone, sen2, buster, pletone, nerks, chips, ekto1, meds and more wildstylers around.

My styles are grimy, wildstyle, calligraffiti, tattoo scripts, Chicano, and latinoamerican native art.

Grimmestyle and craziest wildstyles ever for me are dark, aggressive, a touch of hostility against the city, borough, downtown flavor.

Calligraffiti means discipline and progress

Tattoo scrips, loyalty.

Chicano and latinoamerican art means culture.

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