I write Izer, from Essex (South East England) and I’m in Dielooted crew.

Graffiti started for me in 1997. I’m lucky because Essex has a history of producing quality writers so there was a lot of inspiration around. Writers like Reakt (Ethos), Astek, Stet and ILC Crew are some of the writers I would say inspired me when I first started out.

Nowadays I admire writers like Pose, Kem, Bacon, Stare, Abyz, Swet and YesB. Their work, letters and aesthetic are top of the game.

I’ve always predominantly painted wild style, but I would say my taste has changed over the years. Sometimes l’ll go all out wild, and sometimes I’ll paint something a little simpler. Calligraphy is a big part of my art and what I create and I try to create letters that have subtle influences from that. I don’t like it to feel too contrived or forced.

Calligraphy, graffiti and geometry have been things I have always practiced. When I create something, be it on a wall or not, I like to explore the way that these 3 disciplines co-exist in my work.

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