What’s up, guys! I write Jager, I represent Los Angeles crew UCLAS. Been writing since 2008, though I was only consistent for a few years between 2010-2011 and from 2019 till today. I was born and raised in Russia and started my graffiti career there, but moved to the US about 5 years ago. Graffiti has always been a weekend hobby/therapy for me, and it was something I had to move to the side for some time due to life commitments for a few years. But even so many years later, I still care about it and try to learn, evolve and grow as an artist.

My main inspiration comes outside of graffiti mostly. I am a big fan of HR Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski and Francis Bacon. When it comes to less famous artists, I get inspiration from Masahiro Ito, Kim Jakobsson, Mark Riddick, and others. Talking about graffiti inspiration, my crew is my main inspiration. They are the people who motivate me to keep pushing and be the best version of myself as an artist.

My style is a blend of LA graffiti, oil paintings, and airbrush-made biomechanics. I tried all of the media mentioned above, but I still prefer a spray can as a main tool for self-expression. I always try to do something new, something different. You won’t see me doing the same sketch all over again, though recently, I started to limit myself within certain stylistic confines. I don’t believe that an artist can be good at so many styles as he can be if he limits himself to one path and develops within it.

I wanted to give a special thanks to bombing science for reaching out, and I also wanted to give some shoutouts to my friends: Proke(UCLAS), Krog(UCLAS), Aplus(UCLAS), Aguas(UCLAS), Neychr(UCLAS), Ma8e(UCLAS), Crise(UCLAS), Gods(UCLAS), 2meloe(UCLAS), Real(UCLAS), Ram(UCLAS), Xufor(UCLAS), Agzor(UCLAS), Wycket(UCLAS), Biocks(TOS), Rocks(64S), Tock(FMP).

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