I’m Jeba from London, currently living in Barcelona, and I’ve been painting for 17 years.

My style was once described as “quintessentially Hip Hop” which I’m quite happy to stick with. I’ve always been a fan of comics and cartoons, and one of the things that impressed me about graff when I was kid were the productions with characters. So at one point I decided to make a push in developing character pieces, that way now I can mix it up: some day’s I paint characters and some days letters, but I enjoy both.

Regarding my letter pieces, for a while now I’ve been constantly stripping them down to simple forms, developing from there, and then doing that over again when I feel I’m in a rut with it. I originally went down this route because I wanted to be able to get letters and a character done in a day, and now I’m just happy with the forms for now. 

Growing up early influences would be SNUG, ZOMBIE, SHOK1, CES, TOWNS, and BONZAI (to name a few). As I grow theres more artists who’s work I’ve loved and continuously follow: APER, CLOGTWO, MIEDO, YONE, SAKER, GENT, I’m really feeling these two Catalan writers BIZIO and SOLOW right now. That’s the beautiful thing about graff; theres so many people doing something and you’re always discovering styles. I appreciate different writers (such as the afore mentioned) for different reasons, whether it’s their letter styles, characters or dubs. Some are simple and some are crazy technical, but they’re just doing dope stuff their own way. Also overtime you paint with people, you take something away from that experience, so they influence you in someway.

Shout out to all my crews: GW, TKS, PS, CLS, CDS

Respect to all that are doing it, have love for the scene, and to those who put a lot on the line to get us to where we are today.

RIP ASET (ATG), VEKO (PS/ CLS), and most recently KBAG, L0VER & TRIP

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