I write JIGL and rep with the MFK and LDeez crews. I started painting graffiti in 2004 and wrote JIGL by 2006. It’s been all gas no breaks ever since.

Graffiti is the ultimate escape from monotony to me. Every day holds opportunity for adventure by scoping new spots or lurking more trains. Gathering supplies, making plans with friends or soaking in as many photos as possible on the internet. And everyday people are out painting new shit!!!!!

While I do a good amount of bombing and painting walls, my heart belongs to American Steel. That is what I came up looking at through the 2000’s and where I feel I have really found my place of meaning on this planet earth. I have painted somewhere between 1 and 2,000 panels (full size and color panels*) through my “career” and many of them will out live me on this planet. Even today in 2020 I catch trains I painted in 2008 and can go back in my mind to where and when it was painted… What we were doing that weekend or whatever. Shit makes me smile every time I see one rolling.

Styles that influence me come mostly from within my crews and people I’m painting with…. AVERT HORSE PASER WASP SNACK ENDER ELMER LEVIS DOZER DISTORT. One thing I enjoy watching about outside writers is what kind of work ethic they have…. For example, 2MUCH is constantly traveling and GETTING UP IN THE STREETS everywhere he goes. WERST is in California non-stop doing huge way intricate pieces. CHEAK is out every single night producing super funky graffiti around NYC. VAYNE is putting a hurting on Atlanta like it’s never seen before. I find quite a bit of admiration not so much in what they are painting but in how hard they are pushing to put in the foot work.

That is a great lesson graffiti has taught me about real life – the ones on top are the ones putting in the extra foot work.

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