I write Jimboe and I’m from the New England part of the US.  I think i really got going around 2001,  I was painting before that, but it was all garbage, just having fun scribbling on stuff.  At some point I started to focus on bold outlines and fun fill schemes.  Just really trying to keep that feel of old New York City subways and early 2000’s freight panel pieces. Id say my style of graff is a product of painting with the people I paint with and trying to do my own thing with a nod to the old school stuff while still having fun. 

I’m lucky enough to paint with the people and be part of the crews I came up admiring.

Where I’m from and the time I really started trying definitely kept me and keeps me trying to get better.

A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work.   YL-PFP-CPS 

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