Yerrrr! What’s good…

I write Jins I’m from Bushwick (Brooklyn) Nyc born and raised. I remember admiring graffiti at the age of 7-8 years old. My pops would take me around the neighborhood and I easily gravitated towards the writings on the walls tryin’ to make out what it was and read. I started writing in 2004 but I became more dedicated to it in 2015.

I grew up to be inspired by writers like stak tfp pgism tpa (rip) sen2 tats ces ka ttk and my mentor Wak stf to name a few.

I’d like to consider my style to be traditional NYC Graffiti as far as doin’ burners tags and throws. I enjoy doin’ different types of lettering. I try to be as creative as more so into doin’ pieces, getting technical with my letter structure and style. I love painting freights trackside spots abandoned places walls legal or illegal etc

Shouts to the gang 2DX IOS 5MH STF rip zexor wto Acne nsf

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