JINX KD HDM 156 OAK “Mile High” Denver born graffiti artist since ’95 with a love for letters and letter styles.

I grew up seeing graffiti in the Source and Flashbacks magazines. Ces, Per, Cope, Totem, Mode 2, Bio, BG and Nicer were all big influences growing up.

At that same time, there were already a few dope writers in Denver. Emit, East, Tuke, and Jher were putting it down and killing walls around the city, and still are today.

In high school in the early 90’s, I met OAK crew who I still paint with.
Many of the old homies from school started b-boying, mc’ing, or tattooing, but I kept painting.

Went to college for ten years, painting every chance I got because it was like therapy for me.

Then, when I was put down with KD, I started painting large concept pieces and collaborating with the crew. We always build off of each other’s ideas, colors, size, and styles.

My style has evolved over the years as many artists do, but I always try to start and end the same to have balance in my piece. I use shading to add depth, and love a nice color gradient fill.

Shout out to the homies Aqz, Reps, Reks63, and Dash

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