What’s up, this is JITSUE – I started writing in 2008, Influenced by local artists and my city’s graffiti history. This was before the prevalence social media has today- So my exposure and influences were limited to a couple online blogs such as 12oz prophet and Pure Graffiti. SDK Crew had some of the only painting videos you could find besides getting your hands on DVDs or movies. 

My early years were all about experimentation and immersing myself in this world. I wasn’t thinking too deeply about the work; they were just simple tags and throw ups and It was comforting being a part of a community/identity that was just for me and I could keep it secret. Years and various aliases later, Jitsue emerged, along with my focus on detailed pieces and styles. My cross-country travels, connecting with different crews and writers, provided invaluable perspectives and accelerated my growth. 

This would later create the foundation for my technical knowledge and style developments. Drawing parallels with my martial arts background, the pursuit of style and mastery became an endless journey. JITSUE was now more than a name; it embodied the combination of graffiti and martial arts. I could tap into that same “Flow” State in both arts.. Combining mind and body with dynamic movements all while being fully present in the moment.

In my philosophy as a writer, I emphasize being well-rounded. Having a solid balance of skill across Tags, Pieces, Throw ups and spots are essential if you are going to claim that title. I adhere to the classic ‘rules’ and ethics, avoiding spots like Kids schools, churches, mom and pop shops… I think traveling broadens your horizons, introducing diverse environments and situations that enhance your confidence and skills.

My advice to aspiring writers: Take the initiative, trust the process, and let the rest follow. Fuck the unnecessary politics and drama—find joy, be present, and always wear your mask and gloves.


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