Jive – I started in 1989 piecing on school desks. They were like trains in a way that the next kids in the classroom would add their art and so forth that by the end of the week the whole desk would be covered and the janitor (buff man) would clean them over the weekend and we’d have fresh new desks to smash come Monday.

I grew up in CA, formidable years and graff started in CT. We’d take the train to skate the Brooklyn Banks and there was really no way to avoid graffiti in New York back then so it was bound to come out sooner or later. Currently living in Denver. I came out to “1 year” and it’s been about 20. Shit.

It’s really hard to answer these kind of questions. I don’t much like talking about graffiti with anybody else than my close friends. So to answer who’s style I admire, my friends. Others fluctuate between styles but a few currently are Smash137, Spiritualized, Bukowski and Warhol.

I don’t like my style and am rarely happy with a piece. Somebody out there must be feeling this way too. Either I focus too much in the wrong area or I’m simply not focused at all, which is definitely the funner of the two.

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