Hi, my a.k.a. is “El Joel” and since 7 years ago i live in Barcelona (Spain). I started to paint in 2006 in my hometown Santander in the north side of Spain. I currently follow/observe a lot of writers and wouldn’t know where to start.  Above all I like to review the archives of the New York classics and the beginnings of Europe, which are always current and are a great source of inspiration.  In general, the European scene is on fire, and every time I travel it surprises me more, I feel proud to belong to this circuit.  Currently I quite like the “New School” from the US and southern Canada, classic shapes and concepts with a simple and clean execution.  As for my style, I would say that I look for the same thing as them, only more influenced by the local aesthetics with which I grew up.  I think it’s about time we stopped defining what we do as Old School, as they are newer styles, many of which are written by writers who weren’t even born at that time (in whose description I include myself). I want to greet all the people with whom I have shared the wall this year and thank them for the good times, as well as you for the dissemination work you do!  Still playing!

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