I actually don’t really write June anymore. I like switching up names, and Japs has been my primary one lately.

One of my main challenges is to write in my native tongue, Japanese. I often write ゴジラ(Gojira), じゅん(June), 所沢(Tokorozawa). Most likely people won’t be able to read these, but I guess it’s my way of staying connected to my background through my writing.

Sloppy Monsta ゴジラ(Gojira/Godzilla in Japanese) AKA Gozi is my goofy looking character/throwup. That’s something else I’ve been having fun with. I think it might be easier for others to recognize, even if they can’t read it.

I don’t have one solid style or great can control unfortunately. But I always have fun trying something a little different on every mission. Sometimes I try bits and pieces from my homies’ isms and I adapt and tweak those in my own way.

The first five years of my writing were in Japan. I feel like I was just trying to write without knowing exactly what graff was. I moved from Tokyo to Philly in the late ’90s. During my time there, I had a great opportunity to learn about Philly hands and although I still haven’t gotten them right, I have so much love for that culture.

For the past couple of decades I’ve been in NJ/NY. Moving to the States gave me a completely new perspective in writing and added more depth to my graff, both from bonding with other writers and being in new environments.

My CTA brothers Klas and Xide brought me into the addiction of the clean trains in ’98 and we pursued our missions very low key for the next several years. I don’t do transit anymore but that was definitely a prime moment.

After a long break, I started hitting freights again and this has become my therapy, spending many nights in the woods creeping around with my long time partner Xide.

Hopefully we’ll keep it going for many more years.

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