I write Junze, a unique name I came up with over the time I’ve been writing. I like the fact I’m the only ‘Junze’ , the original, and I own that shit.
I write BWP crew. The infamous Born Wicked Players…. originally formed in Brisbane, Australia, in ’86’ and still going hard today. I was dropped in around ‘97 an been reppin hard ever since. 

As a kid, I grew up idolizing old school writers, mesmerized by their fully styled lettering. Like calligraphy but more gangsta. Writers like ALE 21, COPE2, CRIES, BROKE and SEIZ ( and their magazine ‘HYPE’), BLEX, REALS, CES and PER FX, PUBES, DORPS and KASINO and SPIKE were some of the standout styles I was influenced by. 

Back then there was so much more focus on the lettering and who had the best original style, Funk, Flow, Kicks and wild style connections. These days there’s a lot more focus on the colour schemes and overall look. 

For me, It’s a lifestyle, a never ending competition, with points awarded for getting up and getting seen. Points for style, colours, size, location and effort…. with extra points for trains and adrenaline spots. 
Street art is cool and pretty to look at but illegal graffiti is a completely different beast. 

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