I am Kaisy one from Slovakia, My early beginings with graffiti is since 1997’. My crew is DKH.

Since a young kid, I was always fascinated by graphic works, all those sharp shapes, logo designs, vectors…Later i discovered graffiti in some magazine where been publicated report about graffs in NYC, after i started my first sketches. Afterwards movies like a Wild Style or Beat street and i was in it… 

What do you want people to see when they look at your work?

Art. For regular people definitely art, nice colours, intresting shapes, good feeling… For people around graffiti they will see Dynamic style, strong and balanced letter forms.

What inspires you these days and which styles/writers you like?

Everiting aroud me inspires me. 

I like true styles, strong dynamic letters, agressive, good connections, heavy letter construction, balance, fresh colours..

How much time do you spend on art?

As much as possible. I think that time is most expensive in our lifes, so im trying spend my time with my family but sinchronize it with my art, if im not drawing physically, in my mind i still thinking about some shapes, colours, ideas…Thats why my wife must asking me twice sometimes…

Describe your style in your own words ?


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