Last years I’ve been writing Kante instead of Keant.

Since childhood I’ve always been fascinated about the tags written on the walls from the little Spanish city where I grow up; there is where I start flirting with graffiti by imitation.

Years after, in my 14ies, when based in Madrid, is when I start painting pieces very often. I’ve always preferred quiet walls even if no one is going to see them, where I can enjoy painting with my friends with no problems involved.

My roots are totally influenced by the pieces I saw and photographed from all the local writers in the past, where step by step I continued discovering everything related to graffiti thanks to the fanzines, and later on, in the books.

Nowadays, I consider myself a big user of graffiti, I do study everything is on my hand, live, paper or throughout internet.

Now, I’m living in Barcelona, where almost all the walls I paint are done with my girlfriend, I like to be able to share this vice next to her.

Peace and respect

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