I’m Kaspa, FRA, GPS. I’m from the South West in the UK & I’ve been writing for a little over ten years. Living & painting for the past 5 years in South East Asia. Now in Europe to tick some countries off the list. I love painting crispy, simple straight letters, along with a more recent, abstract approach to my pieces.
Inspired by crew mates Tisk & Ruda, who’ve been a huge influence on me. All the homies and crew, Mate, Nasty, Rhok, System, Sixte, Answer, Sizl, Aspyre, Vane, Phour, Kace, the list goes on… And all the dope writers, artists & designers I’ve been fortunate enough to meet over the years, from all over the world. Too many to shout!

Big up FRA & GPS crew, that are constantly smashing it & always inspiring.

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