Katun is a graffiti artist and illustrator based in Kajang, Malaysia.

He has created an identity and name for himself through his love of reinterpreting cartoon characters as his signature style. Growing up in Malaysia, Katun’s quotidian exposure to monkeys and forestry in the region initially sparked his inspirations in creating his unique statement pieces – his apes. Known of its robust body form, Katun has redefined his apes to take a humanistic silhouette while staying true to the natural disjoined limbs of the Great Apes that are native to Malaysia – The Orangutan; translated “Man of the forest”.

Katun has been doing graffiti for 17 years now and still creating and expanding his passion on character style.

Katun is into every style in graffiti because every style has its own identity. To name a few of writers’ style that he admires are cantwo, tonesrock, dater, boogie, acroe, zoner. For characters, it will be kopye, OG slick, Nilko, darkelixir, hombre and clogtwo.

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