BS – Introduce yourself, what do you write and how long have you been writing?
K – I write Kear and started to take interest in graffiti around 2003. I Did my first piece in 2005.
BS – Where are you based out of?
K – Stockholm, Sweden. I frequently visit The States and France and try to travel as much as I can though.
BS – Writers who’s style you admire?
K – Obviously a lot of the pioneers – Shame125, Seen, Phase2, Bando etc, what these guys did in the early days of the art form is stunning. Other writers who’s style I admire, if we’re talking about today, are those that revere traditional styles, but are able to put their own personal twist to it. Dmote, Dems, Yes2, Kash, Ces, Wane, Abyss, Jurne, Sage and the list goes on…
BS – What about your style?
K – Like most writers, I’ve been going through some different styles, and I would say it’s only been like 2 years or so where I felt that I found what I want to do. I got a clearer picture now of how I want my graffiti to look than before. But I’m still not content when finalizing a piece. That’s just who I am, never satisfied with what I do. There’s always improvement to be made.

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