Hello readers,
My blaze is Kenz, I started graffiti in 2001 in Montpellier, I am a member of three different crew, the FR (since 2001), the 3GC (since 2009) and Strangers (since 2016). I paint mainly in the south of France, I have an obvious fondness for color, graphic styles, aesthetics of letters and color’s combinations. I can’t tell you which person inspires me particularly, the quantity of graffiti artists and artists more generally exceeds and my preferences vary over time. when I was a kid, I had my idols, the
«good writers» in my area. Graffiti artists with beautiful silver lettering, mysterious and inaccessible. Today everyone is connected and we can connect everyone at any time … My head will explode with the image content that I eat every day. I am inspired by all fields, art in general and all disciplines. Here is a small selection of 10 photos for Bombing Science. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to my Insta to follow the next productions, and thank you for reading!

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