I am Keops member of K4P crew, as a graffiti writer, I believe in the complexity of simplicity, omnipresence as an essential factor in my work. I have been writing my name for more than 10 years throughout my country, and some other countries, in which I discovered great friends and that freedom is what defines graffiti above all.

I’m from Mexico, where exactly is it, I prefer you to discover it and when you see my pieces send me a photo 😊

The writers whom I admire are too many and it would not be fair to name a specific one, so each one contributes to my graffiti, since it is not only a matter of style of letters, but of the pace of life and teachings that I have had Writer.

My style has always been easy to read and I have tried to make it understandable not only for graffiti writers, but also for anyone who takes a few minutes to read what is on the walls of their city, and who can relate it with the other pieces, like small ants devouring a large prey.

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