Hello, my name is Kest.

Originally I´m from Warsaw in Poland. I´ve started writing in 1994 in a small village closed to Oldenburg in northern Germany. Living in a small German village wasn’t fun. I became soon a troubled kid.

I met an older friend who was a skater, DJ and a tagger. He introduced me to Hip-Hop. I´ve been directly infected with rap, graffiti and the idea of Hip Hop. It was 1994 and I decided to cover my village in tags and pieces.

Later in 1995, I moved to Oldenburg where I get in touch with the graffiti scene. The first writers I was inspired by was SERE and T-REX from Oldenburg. Generally, I get my inspiration from everywhere. I´m even inspired by pieces I don´t like. They teach me what to do and what not. Basically I prefer readable letters and I love the flavor of New York graffiti from the 70s and 80s.

In 1997 in Oldenburg I´ve founded with three friends (Asco, Desue and Sbeck) my crew, the ABS crew. Today I´m living for almost 20 years in Berlin.

Much love to my girlfriend for her patience!

Thanks to Bombing Science.


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