Graffiti made a huge impact on my life growing up in the 90’s where the hiphop culture took Denmark by storm.

I got obsessed with wildstyle graffiti and saw all the “big guys” painting trains and walls all over. It seemed like a natural step for me to experiment with spray cans back in 2000. I needed a tag though, so I was looking for a special letter combination for my tag and after a while I came up with KETS.

KETS has been my graffiti tag and my alter ego since 2000 where painted my first graffiti wall. It’s where it all started. Since then I became a part of the international graffiti crew FSC (Furious Styles Crew), which is like a whole family to me.

I still hang on to KETS and will be a part of me forever. I love graffiti, and I go out and paint wild style pieces as often as I can

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