My name is KIES and I started painting in 1993. I live in Alcoy a small town in the mountains near Alicante. Although I paint a lot in Gandia with my friend Totem. My style is wild or semi style although I always evolve my letters.

I have always liked graffiti to be able to read the letters well and see the ornaments and arrows in them. One of my biggest influences is my teammate from Germany Copsa. He is a graffiti-making machine: letters, colors and backgrounds very worked.

I love writers like Dems, Rois, Rasko, Swet, Bates, Moter, Saker, Ceser, Asmoe, Katun, Rune and groups like FOURS, BANDITS and SUPER BAD BOYS CREW.

What makes you grow in graffiti is the constancy and love for this way of life. Very important to know and paint with new writers and especially the constant work with the people of my crews WILDCANS, REALMOVES y TRUEGOS.

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