I’m Konecki, otherwise known as RANTS MDR. Hailing from beautiful San Diego, California, I’ve been writing RANTS since ‘06. I got into graffiti in a backwards sort of way. I started showing my paintings in local art shows and ended up meeting  NEKOES OA MDR DTM. He put me on game and showed me how to take my artwork from the canvas to the wall. 

My approach to graffiti is an irreverent and unorthodox Googie-signage-text-based, spot-by-spot dialogue with the wall. I love creating shining neon letters and experimenting with unconventional and weird spaces. I just like to have fun painting and sipping some beers with friends. It’s about freedom to create whatever you want and not be bound by set of rules. 

In my miniature work, I am trying to capture the moment of creation or a spark of inspiration that happens while painting. It’s about authentically re-creating the space that exists in between the gallery walls and the street corner. The greatest compliment I’ve been given is that my work is so detailed people can “smell it.”

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