KOSO has been writing since 1997.
I want to say that I have been writing non-stop since 1997, it would be different to say that he did his first graffiti in that year.

I’m from Naples but I travel a lot to draw, both for work graffiti and for passion. The last trip was my honeymoon in NewYork where I met many good graffiti writers and friends like Cuba, Stae2, Dmote, Yes2, Mast, and many others. I obviously drew, this time in Brooklyn and Queens, the last time I went there I drew in five points, in the Bronx and tuffcity.

I’m very inspired by the classic New York graffiti and going there every now and then is a bit like taking a refresher course.

My style therefore reflects that of classic graffiti. the mood is to find flow in the movements of the letters and mix them with new and experimental colors but also with classic colors.

I dedicate myself a lot to always look for a new way to mix colors together, sometimes making the lights stand out or others making the effects stand out.

The caps I use for the outline is sometimes the banana and sometimes the standard, but from time to time i dare to try different caps. The spirit with which I go down to drawing is that of the challenge with myself, I always try to finish the graffiti in one day avoiding making cuts and always trying to put a contrasting background, but it is not always possible because in winter the days end before.

message for young people:

When I started designing sprays they could be bought in very few shops, there were very few colors and non-existent caps. there was no instagram or other social networks and even less smartphones. if you wanted to see graffiti you had to get off your bike and go to the walls to see it. or waiting to meet someone who developed photos from a roll of film. when they painted the trains and we took the photos, we took the rolls of film to develop in distant places and with different names and the photos didn’t always come out sharp or beautiful. now everything is more accessible and comfortable, just stay on the sofa with the cell phone in hand and you can see graffiti all over the world, if you had told me that 20 years ago I wouldn’t have believed it.

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