1) Alright so thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, can you give us a brief introduction of how you got to this point? When did you start, what crew do you rep (if any), and what’s the story behind “Krary”?
​I started with breakdance in the mid-90s, then the “new school” movement became popular so I stopped and then quickly moved into graffiti.​ I chose the pseudonym Krary because it was not taken, I liked the letters and above all its meaning (false, lying, lying, pretending, etc.) because the world is so false …​I started in 2000 until 2003 in the VAL Crew then I returned in 2014, and joined the BGN crew in September 2019.​

2) to start things off I really enjoyed the video you did with the YouTube channel “writers 2 banlieue” , watching you work was a lot of fun. For the readers at home can you tell us a little bit about how this joint collaboration came along? Also, what does it say at the very beginning before the video starts, I imagine it says something about charges against graffiti artists for vandalism but I don’t understand French.​​​

Thank you, the connection was made simply, I was contacted via Instagram and I accepted the invitation and we found ourselves on a vacant lot near my home, a nice afternoon …​Regarding the interview, she said nothing, in particular, a brief presentation of my journey So far

3)  What is your favorite documentary or book that covers the history of major players of graffiti and why? ​​

I prefer books, it’s physical, I really liked the magazine “Graff It” and especially the book “Kapital” for the fact that it retraces the old school scene, it allowed me to discover what already happened because I didn’t know about this period.​But I haven’t read much, I find it a shame that the internet has destroyed the magazine format.

4) you seem to post quite a lot every month, I’m curious do you stay in the same area or do you travel around to do your work? What is your favorite city to tag and do you have any crazy chase stories? Have you ever been caught?​​​

I mainly paint in the suburbs 91, I would like to travel and paint but I am poor, I’ve never been on a plane. LOL ​Yes, I was caught twice, which earned me a court appearance with a fine, but that’s the game.

​5) I see you post a lot of collab pieces you do with your buddies, do you prefer to work with others or do you like going solo? Would you say that painting with your friends is the appeal of graffiti for you? Or do you have higher ambitions like making money or getting fame, which matters more to you?​​

I like to paint alone and also with friends.​ Painting with friends is totally different than painting alone.​ when I paint with my friends from suburbs 91 I think it’s more a sharing and above all a way to progress and to see things differently.​ Of course, I would like to be able to make a living from this, living from my passion would be the greatest success. But not become famous, it would take my energy away I think because, for me, graffiti is both a disease and a therapy.​ What matters most? Paint with the desire to do better and stay true.​

​6) What kind of music do you listen to when you paint? Who is your favorite hip hop artist and why?​​

​Lots of French and American rap, to quote Bone Thugs And Harmony, Twista, Rittz for their fast and jerky streams and a lot of old school like 2Pac, Biggy, Nas Moob Deep, etc.​And in French for their streams and lyrics by guys like Nepal, Swift Guad, Ol Kainry, Seth Gueko, A2H, ATK, Disiz, Kery James, Deen Burbigo, Rocca, Rohff, Lino, Taipan, Orelsan, Taipan, Tito Prince, Flynt, etc​ I like what makes you think and what makes you grow.​​

7) For those out there that are hungry to improve at their craft but don’t know how to exactly what do you recommend?​​

​Not easy to answer this question …​I think we need to let go of the price, to let go, not to be afraid to improvise, above all to put all our energy and not to be afraid of missing out because it is from our mistakes that we progress.​​

8) I see you like to incorporate a lot of cartoon figures into some of your pen and ink drawings which are really cool, I love how you make a ratchet looking sailor moon haha. My favorite is probably your saint seiya piece.

Yes I remain a child-man, I grew up with cartoons from the 80s, I watch them again and again, I don’t want to grow LOL.​It also allows me to share with the younger generation who do not know of this fantastic period.​ So that they can discover these jewels if they are curious of course …

​​9) when you were coming up who inspired you and taught you the ropes and who inspires you now? Who are the artists that are inspiring you now? ​

​I made myself alone and it took a long time, and this work is endless.​ wow, there are so many … I could not name them all …​In my early days, I was shocked by the work of Mode2, Alex, Lazoo, Etc for the characters​ For the lettering, I was marked by guys like Pest, Diksa, Kroé, Meik, Dume, etc.

​10) Any shout outs you would like to give? where can people follow you?​​​

Big Up to GURS, ERKO, KROE, GRYPE, BOZE, TAMIZ, AKOS, AHER, OKYB, DALER, PASHA, JKZ and those with whom I have affinities.​And a big thank you for knowing that you carry me;) ​You can follow me on my Insta: @_krary_​


interview by Wesley Edwards

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